30 Back To School Pictures Taken By The Saddest Parents!

The first day of school is the best time for funny parents photos.

The first day of school in's the same for all students.It's an exciting time for good students and popular kids.And for kids who didn't like going to school as much,it might not be the best day for them. whether they like it or not ,that picture is gonna be taken.

Here are 30 back to school photos, from the parents’ perspective.

1. This mom is literally Happy.

2. And this one is too.

3. Don’t worry, dads can get in on the action, too!

4. Okay, maybe the balloons are a little bit much.

5. Seven kids, Deserves this high jump!.

6.This one is flying!!!.

7. Looks like this trend is going worldwide!

8.He just can't take it!

9. These kids are clearly good sports for playing along in this picture.

10. Mommy is really going to miss you, honest!

11. All the faces in this one look pretty genuine and the kids don’t seem too happy.

12. This celebration brought to you from Helsinki, Finland!

13. Kids, we’ll miss you..but these bathrobes sure are comfortable.

14. Anything to make summer vacation last just a little bit longer.

15. It’s Done.

16. It's my turn little boys.

17. Jumping for joy seems like the most popular response.

18. Ooooh Yeeaah!

19. At least the dad is on his kids’ side in this one, right?

20. It seems, parents aren't not the only ones who are getting in on the fun!

21. Don't cry little boys..It's happening.

22. This is a good jump timing .

23. Yeah,that's what i do every year.

24. what is it with the bathrobes?!

25. Sometimes it’s the kids who can’t wait to get away from the parents.

26. First Day.............................Second Day.

27. My Life Begins...

28. You can tell she’s pretty excited.

29.Sometimes, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

30 I wonder what they did to him during the summer to be this happy?!