This Is Why Hurricane Harvey Is "One Of The Worst Disasters In US History"

Harvey will sit over Texas until the middle of the week,and even though it may have been downgraded to a storm from a Category 4 hurricane, its legacy will be felt for years to come.The National Weather Service (NWS) described it as an “unprecedented event”, whose “impacts are unknown and beyond anything experienced” .

Hurricane Harvey was once mere remnants of a storm, but when it crossed the Gulf of Mexico it regenerated into an increasingly powerful hurricane. By 1930 hours CDT, shortly before landfall, it was upgraded to a Category 4 beast, with peak sustained wind speeds of 251 kph (156 mph).

Although Harvey's now been massively downgraded, the storm has stalled and continues to dump rain on Texas.

It looks like a year’s worth of rain is going to fall on Houston during the course of this storm.And the water dams keeping the floodwater are full and expected to overflow and trigger flash flooding along their margins.Although Houston has not been issued with a mass evacuation order, it’s not far from receiving one.

Describing Harvey as “unprecedented” is worth paying attention to when it is said by NWS .