These Images Will Make You See Food Differently

Losing weight doesn't come with trying to eat the healthiest food.

British fitness blogger Lucy Mountain knows all too well what a struggle it can be to eat healthy and wants to send the message that we can enjoy the food we eat and reach our goals as long as we stay mindful about what we put in our bodies.

Mountain is trying to change the way we look at our meals by creating visual comparisons between junk food and health food.

"Same amount of food, different calories."

"A handful of almonds vs. a packet of fruit pastels."

"Protein porridge vs. protein porridge."

"Salt and vinegar crisps vs vegetable crisps."

"100g milk chocolate vs 100g 85% dark chocolate."

"Peanut butter on toast vs peanut butter on toast."

"What Twix considers one serving vs. real life."

"Avocado salad vs avocado salad."

As they say, everything in moderation, right?