The Old Fashioned Way Of Making Kettle Corn By This Amish Couple.


Kettle corn is one of the easiest pleasures in life.And when it's made by a local Amish farmer, it's even easier.

A local fire department in Fredericksburg, Ohio, held a fundraiser for a local charity.There were many kinds of different attractions but handmade kettle corn was the most alluring of them all.

An Amish man and his wife set a grand black pot on top of a fire before adding a little bit of oil and the unpopped kernels. Then stirs constantly so that the kernels don't burn.

He then adds a cup’s of sugar into the pot.The stirring continues as the sugar and oil combine to create one of any carnival’s most enticing treat.

Once the kernels begins to pop, he adds a grate to the top of the pot to keep the kernels from flying out. He continues to stir the popping corn, making sure that each piece has the exact right amount of sugar, oil, and crisp.

When it's time to get them out, the man’s wife grabs a bucket and gathers the cascade of golden yellow corn that has been released from the pot.

Watch this wonderful couple in the video below: