The Biggest Killer In Africa Is No Longer HIV/AIDS

Complications from HIV/AIDS are no longer the biggest killer in Africa and deaths from malaria are down. However, it isn't all good news.

Although this is an optimistic development, the latest statistics show an unwelcome rise in “lifestyle diseases”, much like the ones we see throughout the Western world.

The data, processed by the fact-checking NGO Africa Check, comes from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest available information on deaths in the Africa region.

In 2012, more than 1.1 million people in Africa were known to have died due to complications from HIV/AIDS. By 2015, this number declined to an estimated 760,000 deaths due to HIV/AIDS complications (the latest data available). Much of this is thanks to the huge amount of time and money put into raising awareness, changing perceptions, contraception, and medical treatments.

Ischaemic heart disease This is a condition in which the flow of blood is restricted to the heart muscle due to the narrowing arteries and build up of fat accumulations. Lifestyle factors, such as high cholesterol or smoking, are associated with it. It remains one of the biggest causes of death across many Western nations.