His Little Girl Disappeared From School

On August 8, Sean Harris from Gwinnett County, Georgia, had no clue where his seven-year-old daughter was when she didn't show up after school.

He put in hours stressed over what had happened to his daughter before he got a call and realized it was her on the other end. She hadn't been kidnapped, however was mistakenly taken by the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS).

"Pure anxiety and I was in disbelief that this could possibly happen," Harris said.

DFCS had taken Harris' little girl from class at Rosebud Elementary School and driven her to their Rockdale County office.

They had obviously mistaken her for another girl who goes to the school.The two have a similar first and last names, however the spellings on the first differ. Their birthdays are different as well.

Harris condemn both DFCS and Rosebud Elementary for terrifying his daughter.Watch the video below for more on this story:

The department released the following statement the day after the incident:

The Division of Family and Children Services' number one priority is the safety of children in the state of Georgia. As such, the Division has established policies and procedures that seek to protect children from harm and support their overall well-being.

When Division staff are required to transport children in foster care from school to another location, procedure dictates that Division staff provide school personnel with legal documents that identify the child by name and date of birth and assure school personnel of the staff member's right to pick the child up from school.

We are concerned that, even when this procedure is followed, a school could release the wrong child to staff in our Division. As a result, we will review our policies and procedures to determine if further safeguards are necessary to ensure school personnel are releasing the correct child to our staff.

(via MommyPage and WSB-TV)