81-Year-Old Rescued From Burning Car

Most people when they see an emergency situation, they call 911 and wait for professionals to arrive.However,these five strangers put their life in danger when they saw a burning car on the side of the high way and ran to save the driver

An 81-year-old driving on the highway got confused and crashed his car into the DOT fence along the road at around 8:30 that night.“This caused the car to become stuck in the weeds. The brush caught fire and soon the vehicle was on fire,” Pasco Police explained.

“Passerbys on Highway 12 noticed the car on fire and stopped to help. The driver was conscious but unable to unlock the doors or get out on his own. As more and more of the car was consumed, a team of local heroes began to assemble at the crash site,” Pasco Police said. “We could feel the heat from the car 100 feet away,” said Porter Romm, one of the brave strangers who risked his life to help the elderly man.

“He was asking us to help him, and you don’t think, you just act at that point,” said Romm, who used a hammer to break the window. “We all just grabbed underneath his shoulders and started pulling.” Just when the strangers got the man to safety, the rest of the car burst into flames. “About all he could say was thank you, thank you so much, you saved my life.”

“By the time the officer got there, the whole car was in flames, there’s no way they would have gotten there in time to pull him out,” Romm said. “It’s unreal to think that 30-40 seconds was the difference between life and death for this guy. I’m just happy we were able to get there in time.”

Full story in the video below:

Would you do the same?

[Featured image: Facebook/Pasco Police]